The Emerald City Bible Fellowship church family is deeply committed to that which is important to Jesus Christ. Jesus’ words about loving God, loving people (Matthew 22:37-39) and making disciples (Matthew 28:19-20) form the foundation of the vision we possess.  We believe our faith in God and obedience to the scriptures will invite others to experience authentic life change through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Emerald City Bible Fellowship is committed to maintaining a balance between preaching (telling) and practicing (doing) the gospel. Our outreach ministry philosophy is based on the principles of Christian Community Development.  We seek to CONNECT and partner with our community, to accentuate the positive and counter the negative. By SHARING THE GOSPEL of Jesus and actively SERVING the community as Jesus demonstrated in the scriptures, we will see the Holy Spirit transform the community. 

Emerald City Bible Fellowship is marked by several notable characteristics and emphases including faith, ethnic diversity, spiritual worship, giving, intercession, community outreach, international missions and a healthy balance between family and ministry.

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